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Ziggity Helps To Improve Bird Welfare

At Ziggity we invest a lot of time and money in developing watering management tools for enclosed watering systems, including an entire service-oriented website (poultrywatering.com) to help farmers produce healthy flocks and achieve successful performance outcomes. We have continually stressed

Drinker Corrosion: How to detect it and prevent it

If chemicals you are using to clean and sanitize your watering system also break down the outer chromium oxide layer of the stainless steel drinker parts, thereby exposing the ...

Corrosion: What causes it and why it’s more of a problem today than ever.

To avoid costly internal corrosion damage to drinkers, it is important to know how drinkers can be damaged by the misuse of cleaning agents, and to understand which sanitizers ...

Corrosion: Why it is important to avoid corrosion inside your drinkers.

Today's poultry watering system is a precision instrument, designed to deliver clean, hygienic water in a way that birds can easily get their fill while minimizing spillage an ...

Biofilm: Flushing lines can be automatic.

As noted in our “Biofilm: How to prevent and eliminate it” bulletin, the regular flushing of drinker lines is a key management practice for keeping biofilm and its harmful ...

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