All About Water

Water – the essential nutrient.
Good water and healthy birds go hand-in-hand. This essential nutrient can make a significant difference in overall bird performance, as well as a producer’s financial success. At Ziggity, we understand the importance of water and its direct effect on production results.

Learn more about water-related issues and how they affect your flock by reading some of these important articles:

Watch that Iron

Excessive iron can cause problems for watering systems. Article presents some ways to avoid that, including best practices for keeping watering systems clean.

Ten tips to achieve optimal water pressure

One of the most important and misunderstood jobs in a poultry house is managing the water pressure of the watering system. Here are ten tips for achieving optimal performance from a flock.

How to determine the right drinker for the job

With all the different drinkers on the market, it’s not surprising some producers get confused and choose the wrong drinker.

Improve turkey performance by improving environment and water quality

Producers can achieve better turkey performance by making improvements in the birds’ immediate environment and the quality of water they drink.

Five common poultry watering myths

Many times the roadblocks to better profits are misconceptions about watering

What’s in the water can impact commercial layer performance

Groundwater changes over time. Farmers need test for what’s in the water on a regular basis.

Managing your watering system during brooding

Poor conditions during brooding will damage a flocks’ performance.

Upgrading for a successful poultry operation

To remain competitive, producers need to address aging equipment.

Managing your watering system to promote poultry health

The watering system, and how you manage it, can impact almost every aspect of a poultry operation.

Vaccinating broilers with the watering system

The watering system has become the preferred method for administering live vaccines to broiler flocks because of the labor it saves.

Protecting water supply crucial for any poultry operation

Most producers understand the importance of having a backup generator; however, some don’t realize they also need to back up the watering system

Watering system advances can save time and money

Poultry equipment manufacturers seek innovations that can save producers time and money.

Treat chicks to a more hygienic environment for better results

Getting a poultry flock off to a healthy start goes a long way to ensuring a successful growout.

Watering system for cage-free commercial layer operation needs special thought

The pressure on commercial egg producers to change from battery cages to an alternative form of housing requires them to rethink how they supply the birds with water.

Usage = Consumption + Spillage, Article 1

To effectively manage your watering system, it’s important to understand how water usage involves both bird consumption and drinker spillage, and how these factors affect production. First in a series on watering system management concepts.

Corrosion poses a major threat to poultry operations

A number of factors can negatively impact return on investment, but corrosion is probably the most serious.

Striking the right balance for salt intake

A lack of salt in the diet, or too much salt, can harm the flock and production.

Managing the watering system for intestinal integrity

The importance of managing the watering system to promote bird health is increasing with the growing opposition to using antibiotics as growth promoters.

Chemicals that can damage poulty watering systems

Poultry watering system components are primarily comprise of various types of plastic. The use of plastics in the watering systems has many advantages, including the abililty to withstsnd the corrosive atmosphere common to poultry operations.

Using your watering system to get better return on investment

Ziggity describes specific steps producers can take with their watering systems to improve return on investment.

Poultry farmers gain new option for filtering water

Parker-Hannifin Corp. recently developed the first water filter made specifically for poultry applications.

Understanding how a regulator functions

This article examines the very basics of how a nipple-type watering system, especially the regulator, works.

When was the last time you checked your watering system?

This article discusses what elements of the watering system need examining and gives a time table for those examinations.

The watering system for a cage-free egg operation

Describes how to set up a watering system for a cage-free operation.

Sand in your watering system: best to stop it at the source

This article provides the procedure to clean a watering system that has a sand problem.

Making chicken paws profitable

The American poultry industry is finding a new profit center exporting chicken paws to China where they are considered a delicacy.

Hygienic water

Hygienic water is vital in a successful poultry operation

Use acids in poultry production with caution

Will the gain in production outweigh the costs of replacing equipment damaged by acidifiers?

Don’t let your watering system become the fatal flaw in your biosecurity program

Any biosecurity program that is truly successful will include extensive prophylactic measures involving the water supply and the watering system.

How to combat wet litter

Ziggity has developed a series of protocols to help you determine the cause of your wet litter

Managing heat stress with your watering system

This article discusses tactics producers can take with their watering system to manage heat stress

Fighting coccidiosis

Managing your watering system to prevent wet litter can help keep the incidence of coccidiosis down

Pressure Settings Simplified

A simple and easy guide to ensure dry litter and ample water to your birds

Biofilm Basics

This is a short summary of the basics of biofilm.

Water can be a friend or foe to a poultry operation

Maintaining a good environment inside your poultry barn is necessary if you are to hae healthy and profitable flocks, growout after growout.

New brochure series highlights ways to improve poultry performance

Poultry producers can learn how to improve bird production through three educational brochures published by Ziggity Systems Inc.

Clearing the air: the difference between water usage and water consumption

More than a few experts in the poultry industry assume they can determine how much water a flock is consuming by looking at the water meter. That unfortunately is not true, and that assumption can lead to faulty practices.

Managing poultry barn environment key to controlling respiratory disease

Strict adherence to good management practices throughout the poultry operation, especially the watering system, is the only way producers can reduce the impact of respiratory disease on their flocks and profit.

Managing your watering system to improve feed conversion

Many producers are not aware of the important role the watering system has in the feed conversion process.

When you can’t be on the level

How proper watering system setup and management can overcome the challenges of sloped floors.

Automated watering systems improve layer producers’ bottom lines

Watering System automation has enabled producers to reduce labor costs and improve productivity.

The role of water in the life of a chicken

It is almost impossible to overemphasize the importance of water to poultry flocks

Product bundling not in producers’ best interests

Product bundling may provide producers with a one-time savings when building a new poultry house. However, that bundle of products may result in loses over the long term.

Ziggity focuses on maximizing system, litter and bird performance

Ziggity is the only company whose sole focus is on poultry watering.

Ammonia in the poultry house sabotages production; can impact poultry workers’ health

Elevated levels of ammonia in the poultry house can result in a wide range of problems for poultry producers

Poultry farmers often overlook biofilm growing in watering system

Biofilm is an often overlooked and misunderstood threat to poultry flocks

Understand broiler drinking behavior to achieve better flock performance

The better you understand how and why birds drink water, the better you can provide for their needs and produce more profitable flocks.

Maximizing the benefits of enclosed watering systems

Five ways to maximize the benefits of an enclosed watering system.

Planning necessary to prevent disease in poultry flock

Growing a successful and profitable broiler flock requires diligent planning and management especially in preventing diseases and other conditions that harm the birds.

Solutions to the five most common challenges found in gravity-controlled water tanks

Gravity-controlled water tanks provide an excellent solution to the challenges of unreliable electric power and intermittent water supply

Ignore your well at your own risk

Water quality from wells plays an important role in flock performance.

Good litter management ensures flock performance

The route to improving flock performance lies in good litter management.

Five watering mistakes that can hurt production

Common mistakes producers make concerning their watering systems.

Watering system critical in parent stock operation

The watering system and how the farmer manages it determine many of the conditions in a parent stock operation.

Quality components, not special prices, required when building a new poultry barn

Return on investment, not the up-front cost of a new barn, is the most important aspect to consider when building a new facility

It may sound like a good idea, but is it really?

Many of the decisions a poultry farmer is asked to make can carry unintended consequences that can hurt the bottom line