Ace Clip-On Brackets for quick and easy installation.

Ace Clip-On Brackets allow producers to access Ziggity Ace pipe technology at reduced costs. Both Ace system cost and installation time are significantly reduced without sacrificing system or bird performance.

Get proven results from the most advanced watering system.

This advanced system combines the durability and strength of Ziggity’s Ace 22.30 mm O.D. .88 in.), black ABS pipe to deliver hygienic water to its twin-lock (TL) drinkers. The watering system is held in place by Aktive brackets that have no cavities, leaving bacteria and other contaminants fewer places to hide.

Poultry watering system components are primarily comprise of various types of plastic. The use of plastics in the watering systems has many advantages, including the abililty to withstsnd the corrosive atmosphere common to poultry operations.

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