Ace — Ziggity black, 22.30 mm outer diameter (0.89 in.), water pipes, made of durable ABS material.

    D-Max System — A watering system with drinkers specifically designed for young turkeys

    Adapter Saddle — The plastic component that attaches to the watering pipe to accommodate Ziggity drinkers.

    Aktive drinkers — Ziggity J-lock drinkers that can be adapted to competitors’ saddles.

    Aktive System — A bracket system that has no cavities, leaving bacteria and other contaminants fewer places to hide.

    Anti-roost System — A wire stretched above the watering system to prevent birds roosting on the pipes and breaking them.

    Big Ace — Black, 33.30 mm outer diameter (1.312 in.), water pipes made of durable ABS material for larger volumes of water needed in longer houses.

    Big Z Drinker — A drinker significantly larger than standard drinkers designed to withstand the punishing drinking behavior of bigger and more aggressive birds.

    Biofilm — A sticky substance exuded by bacteria when they attach to a solid surface in water. The biofilm eventually grows into an active community of bacteria that can harm poultry and foul watering systems.

    Breeders — Chickens that lay eggs that hatch and become broilers. This is the term in North America; in other parts of the world these birds are known as “parent stock.”

    Broilers — Chickens raised for meat.

    Brooder House — The house where turkey poults are raised. After about five or six weeks, poults are moved to a grow-out house.

    Cage Systems — Watering systems designed for the cages used to house layers and breeders.

    Clip-On — A system of brackets and saddles that allow producers to replace their drinkers with Ziggity technology while retaining their existing water pipes used on floor systems.

    Control Clock — A timer that can be programmed to automatically activate the flush mode for a drinking system.

    Enclosed Watering System — A system where no water is exposed to the harsh elements and pollutants of the poultry house. Usually uses a nipple-type drinker.

    End Assembly — The part at the end of a watering line that opens automatically during the flush mode.

    Extender — A plastic piece that allows greater space between the support pipe and Big Z Activator drinkers, giving young turkeys easy, uninhibited access to the water reservoir.

    Flow Rate — The rate at which water flows through a drinker when held fully open. Flow rate has little bearing on how much water a bird consumes.

    Friable — Describes the moisture content of poultry litter where it will clump slightly when a handful is squeezed and then fall apart. This is the ideal condition for litter.

    Galvanized Support Pipe — The strong metal pipe from which the watering line is suspended.

    Grow-Out House — Where broilers and turkeys are raised to slaughter.

    Hens — Female turkeys and chickens.

    High Pressure Flush — Flushing the watering system with high water pressure, 1.5 to 3.0 Bars ( 20 to 40 psi), to wash out sediment, biofilm and airlocks that have collected in the pipes.

    Hydrogen Peroxide — A chemical compound that when properly formulated as a cleaning agent is very effective at removing biofilm from watering systems.

    J-Lock — A type of drinker that attaches to the water pipe with a J-shaped locking device.

    Layers — Chickens that lay eggs for human consumption.

    Litter — The bedding and manure in a poultry house.

    Max3 drinkers — Ziggity drinkers designed to provide the best in bird, litter and system performance. Max3 drinkers are available in TL and Aktive models.

    O.D. — Outer diameter. How watering lines are measured.

    Open Watering System — A system that utilizes bells, troughs or cups to water the birds. The water is exposed to harsh elements and pollutants present in the poultry house.

    Parent Stock — Chickens that lay eggs that hatch and become broilers. In North America these birds are generally known as “breeders.”

    Potable Water — Water fit for human consumption. Water for poultry flocks should also meet this standard.

    Poult — Young turkey, up to about six to eight weeks of age.

    Pullet — A young female chicken that has not started to lay eggs.

    Regulator — A device that reduces high-pressure water to the very low pressure required for proper watering system operation and no-spill drinking.

    Slope Neutralizer — Reduces water pressure in lines that have more than 10 cm or 4 in. of fall without restricting flow so that the pressure at the end of the line is the same as at the beginning.

    Sloped Houses — Poultry houses where the floor is not level.

    Solenoid Regulator — A regulator connected to a controller or time clock to provide automatic and unattended system flushing.

    Start Grow — Growing period before layer birds reach egg-laying age (about 20 weeks).

    Start Grow Systems — Height-adjustable drinkers that can be raised to maintain perfect, no-spill drinking height for chickens during the start grow period.

    TL — Twin-lock drinkers. This drinker has two plastic parts to lock it into place in the drinker saddle.

    Twin-Lock — See TL above.

    Toms — Male turkeys.