Work with an Authorized Ziggity distributor

Every Ziggity distributor is a key partner in helping our customers select the right system and drinkers, installing the system correctly for optimum performance, troubleshooting common watering problems and providing service and management support. Please note, our product warranty specifically excludes coverage for products not sold by authorized distributors.

Ziggity has enjoyed long-term relationships with our distributors, giving them the depth of knowledge and experience needed to ensure Ziggity end users with years of trouble free Ziggity system performance. Consider these facts:

  • The best system available will only deliver you the best performance and results when it’s expertly installed and optimally managed. Ziggity distributors are trained and equipped to help you get it right.
  • Ziggity markets it products only in areas where Ziggity Distributors are present to ensure end user service and support. Your distributor is your assurance that there is a local expert close to you when needed.
  • Ziggity is a company 100% focused on poultry watering systems. We do not package other equipment with our watering. Many of our distributors can offer you a complete package of equipment that they have assembled by using the best brands in each segment of the equipment industry (watering, feeding ventilation, controls, etc.) If you’re offered a complete “single brand” equipment package by a distributor, supplied by one Equipment Manufacturer, please be aware that while this may save you a few dollars initially, it may cost you significant money and loss of revenue due to less than optimum flock results received with this OEM equipment package, over the life of the systems.
  • Without the support of a local distributor you are simply unlikely to maximize your performance and results. Private labeling and packaging practices may result in a lack of local support. Don’t fall for the low price trap unless you know the product will deliver optimum performance and product support over the long term.

Find a distributor or Ziggity Regional Sales Manager near you for help with your Ziggity watering system needs.

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