Ziggity News

— Ziggity Systems Inc., the maker of Ziggity brand poultry watering systems has developed helpful guidelines to help poultry producers with many common questions and needs regarding its watering systems. These guidelines are available on the company’s website, Ziggity.com.


To access these guidelines, which are designed to assist with best practices in product installation and usage, simply access the Ziggity website and find the “Guidelines” under the “Support” tab.


Guidelines available are subdivided under the headings, Field Fixes, Maintenance, Product Information, Product Installation and Warnings. Examples of guideline subjects are drinker manufacturing date codes, installation of heavy duty anti-roost cable and cord adjusters just to name a few.


“We want to make sure that our customers have ready access to important information that helps make them more efficient and successful,” said the company.


Another source of helpful information designed to help poultry producers maximize their performance can be found at the Poultry Watering U website. To visit Poultry Watering U click here.