Performance Broilers



    As the poultry watering experts, Ziggity’s goal is to help you maximize flock performance by focusing on bird, litter and system performance. Review these real world performance results to see how a properly managed Ziggity watering system can deliver maximum performance for poultry producers.

    Maryland Results – 5

    Still more roaster results – second location

    Maryland Results – 6

    And still more roaster results.

    Northeastern Results – 1

    Solid Performance!

    Northeastern Results – 2


    Japan Results – 1

    Japan Results – 2

    Japan Results – 3

    USA Heavy Broiler Producer 1/4

    First of four consecutive growouts on a heavy bird program.

    USA Heavy Broiler Producer 2/4

    Second of four growouts. The numbers speak for themselves.

    USA Heavy Broiler Producer 3/4

    More of the same!

    USA Heavy Broiler Producer 4/4

    Last but certainly not least!

    Max3 versus catch cup systems

    Broilers prefer sanitary water – they respond with better results

    More Max3 versus catch cup systems

    Note better performance in every category.

    North Carolina Field Test – Max3 versus Gold 1/4

    Four identical houses. Two with Ziggity Max3 and two with Ziggity Gold drinkers. (Moderate versus high dynamic flow drinkers) Production cycle nr.1

    North Carolina Field Test – Max3 versus Gold 2/4

    Second out of four consecutive broiler production cycles.

    North Carolina Field Test – Max3 versus Gold 3/4

    Third our of 4 consecutive broiler production cycles.

    North Carolina Field Test – Max3 versus Gold 4/4

    The final comparative performance results.

    North Carolina Results -1

    Note the difference in feed conversion rate.

    North Carolina Results – 2

    Bigger birds and a much lower feed conversion rate compared against all birds processed that same week.

    North Carolina Results – 3

    Again bigger birds and lower feed conversion rate.

    North Carolina Results – 4

    Broiler performance comparison against the average for the week and previous 5 growouts with older high flow Ziggity drinkers.

    North Carolina Results – 5

    Note weight gain per day and FCR.

    North Carolina Results – 6

    Two days younger yet heavier and with a better feed conversion rate of only 12 points better.

    North Carolina Results – 7

    More of the same from the great State of North Carolina.

    Georgia Results – 1

    Note gain per day and feed conversion. Broiler performance that crosses State lines.

    Georgia Results – 2

    We note a pattern here – do you?

    Mississippi Results -1

    These broiler result truly cross state lines.

    Mississippi Results – 2

    Simply better in all categories and a day younger

    Mississippi Results – 3

    Only 9 points better in FCR.

    Mississippi Results – 4

    Even with slightly lower weights FCR’s were so much lower the grower ranked number one for the week!

    Mississippi Results – 5

    Note the difference in daily weight gain.

    Mississippi Results – 7


    Mississippi Results – 8

    Go old Miss

    Mississippi Results – 9

    We leave Mississippi on a high note!

    Texas Results – 1

    Solid results!

    Texas Results – 2

    More results for the state of Texas

    Texas Results – 3

    Younger birds yet heavier and with a lower FCR – go figure!

    Texas Results – 4

    And always that improvement in FCR.

    Maryland Results – 1

    Performance near the top.

    Maryland Results – 2

    Roaster program results.

    Maryland Results – 3

    More roaster program results.

    Maryland Results – 4

    Last of three roaster program results.

    Broiler Performance USA

    Major US broiler integrator’s results in head to head comparison between Ziggity’s Aktive Max3 and Gold Drinker models. (moderate versus high dynamic flow drinkers) Superior litter and air quality made for a better environment – hence bird performance improves as well.