Cut hours of costly water pressure adjustment labor time from every production cycle.

    Low Cost for huge benefits. There’s no need for expensive compressors and control panels. You can purchase the Pressure Pro as an optional item for new houses or retrofit any existing Ziggity floor system at minimal cost.
    Increased regulator service life. Producers virtually never need to make adjustments to the actual regulator. Once set it is left alone and Pressure Pro takes over. As a result, the diaphragm inside the regulator is not continually stretched and relaxed as it is with manual adjustments. Thus, the regulator and its components have the potential for longer life.


    With the Pressure Pro system, the watering line regulator is mounted to a mechanical arm assembly that moves up and down. Drop cables link the arm assemblies to an overhead cable which runs to a central wall mounted winch. The winch raises the height of every regulator in the house in relation to the watering line. The simple act of raising the height of the regulators uses gravity to increase the water pressure and in seconds every watering line in the house has been adjusted.

    Pressure Pro is an easy and straightforward management tool to help poultry producers maintain dry, friable litter conditions while simultaneously reducing labor costs. Pressure Pro allows producers to adjust the pressure in all water lines in a poultry house at the same time, rather than attending to each regulator manually, one at a time. This gives producers several important benefits:

    Labor cost savings. Saves producers countless hours of costly labor in the poultry house, allowing them to cut labor costs and/or attend to other important poultry management needs.

    Easy to manage the system properly. Because Pressure Pro is so simple and quick to use, producers will find it easy to maintain the proper water line pressure throughout the production cycle, helping to maximize bird and litter performance.

    Less fatigue for workers. It also eliminates the stress and fatigue encountered when bending over each regulator for manual adjustments. With Pressure Pro, turning a single crank handle a few clicks on a wall mounted winch sets the proper water line pressure throughout the house.

    Lower utility and cleanout costs. The ability to simultaneously adjust every regulator in a house by the same amount makes it easier to maintain the proper pressure throughout the house. Maintaining proper pressure is the key to keeping litter dry, which in turn means reduced ventilation requirements and lower utility costs. It also means easier cleanouts, less cleanout time and reduced flock preparation time, which will lower labor costs as well.

    New Install Option. The Pressure Pro system can be ordered as an optional item with a new Ziggity watering system and only requires an extra winch system per house.

    Existing house retrofits. Installing Pressure Pro onto pre-existing Ziggity floor watering systems does not require any other changes to the existing watering system. Add the extra winch system per house and you are ready to go.



    PRESSURE PRO™ / How it works

    The science behind how Pressure Pro works

    Pressure Pro elevates or lowers the regulator vertically in relationship to the watering line. The greater the vertical distance between the two, the more pressure there is in the watering line and the more water is discharged from the drinkers when activated by the birds. When the vertical distance between the two is decreased then the pressure in the watering line is reduced, resulting in less water discharge from the drinkers.


    One way to look at it is to think of it as a municipal water tower. The water tower provides the community with a specific water pressure which is determined by the vertical distance (gravitational force, or head pressure) between the water level in the tower and the faucet exit point in the houses. Provided there is no change in the water level in the tower, the water pressure in the houses will remain the same. If, however, the water tank were raised vertically, then the water pressure would increase in the houses below due to increased gravitational force of the vertically higher water source. The opposite would happen if the water tower were lowered. This is the same principle used by Pressure Pro. In essence, the regulator is like a water tower. It is the source of water for the watering line. As long as it stays at the same height the pressure will stay constant (until it is manually adjusted). But raising or lowering the regulator (water source) increases or decreases the water pressure in the watering lines.

    When Pressure Pro lifts the regulator 4in./10cm, the column pressure in the watering line also goes up by 4 inches/10 centimeters. A riser tube/stand-pipe is installed at the head of the watering line so producers can easily determine watering system pressure.