• Guidelines


Helpful information and technical support related to Ziggity components and systems.


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Field Fixes

  • GL1069

    Field Fix: loose floor end assemblies

  • GL1056

    Field Fix: Riser Tube Cap

  • GL1058

    Field Fix: Slope Neutralizer


  • GL1023

    Solenoid Flush Valve Field Repair & Maintenance

Product Information

  • GL1085

    O-Ring Guide for various Ziggity parts

  • GL1079

    Installation Instructions: Clip-On & Adapter Saddles

  • GL1071

    Recommended Setup: European Cages with Ziggity Regulators & Flush End

  • GL1070

    Pipe Connector to Pipe Interface: 260, 896 & 2672

  • GL1068

    Proper gaping instructions – Ziggity pipe connectors

  • GL1074

    Water Capacity for Ziggity Drinker Pipes and Water Supply Pipes.

  • GL1043

    Ziggity Aktive Drinker interface with Val nipple saddles

  • GL1007

    Compatibility: Clip-On Brackets to Big Z and Clip-On Saddles

  • GL1008

    Compatibility: Clip-On Brackets to TL Saddle

  • GL1009

    Drinker Manufacturing Date Codes

  • GL1027

    Recommended Drain Hose Set Up Into Holding Tank

  • GL1031

    Non-Recommended Drain Hose Setup

  • GL1038

    Actual Size: Ace, Big Ace & Big Z Pipes

  • GL1030

    Filter Setup for Cage Operation

  • GL1057

    Installation: Cord Adjuster

  • GL1060

    Old Versus Current Aktive Drinkers: Visual Differences

Product Installation

  • GL1080

    Installation Instructions: Bracket Placement for Floor Watering Systems

  • GL1081

    Installation Instructions: Regulator & End Assembly to Big Ace / Big Z / Ace Pipe

  • GL1017

    Square Pipe to Big Ace & 1″ PVC Fittings

  • GL1032

    Glue Procedures for 2235 and 2463

  • GL1033

    Water Supply Setup: 3/4″

  • GL1034

    Water Supply Setup: 1″

  • GL1035

    Water Supply Setup: 1 1/2″

  • GL1042

    Slope Neutralizer Placement: Floor Watering Systems – Laser Method

  • GL1055

    Installation: Preventing Support Pipe Separation


  • GL1045

    Recommended Spraying Procedures: TL Start Grow Systems

  • GL1052

    Warning: Never Use Pliers on Ziggity Drinkers