Aktive Upgrade For
Val Systems

      Upgrade your J-Lock drinkers to Ziggity and enjoy better results!

      If you have an old Val™ watering system, chances are you can significantly improve your bird, litter and product performance and reduce energy costs by upgrading to state-of-the-art Ziggity Aktive™ drinkers. You don’t need to replace your existing watering system.

      Proven Benefits:

      Utilizes existing water pipes to save money / Upgrades older systems to latest technology for healthier bird performance / Improves poultry performance / Keeps litter and pits dry


      1. Flush and clean lines thoroughly.
      2. Remove old drinkers.
      3. Replace with Ziggity drinkers (It’s that easy!).
      4. For even better performance install Ziggity regulators and end assemblies.

      Moving up to Ziggity performance is as simple as changing a light bulb.


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