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PN 4198 (for 1″ PVC pipe systems)


PN 4196 (for Ace pipe systems)


PN 4197 (for Big Ace pipe systems)


Ziggity Systems Inc. has made it easy for poultry producers to monitor and improve the quality of the water in their drinker lines with the transparent pipe kit. The kit is easily retrofitted onto existing Ziggity drinker lines. Once installed, water in the drinker lines can be visually monitored for contaminants such as biofilm, sediment and trapped air.


Ziggity Systems transparent pipe kit is an early warning indicator for: poor sanitation/biofilm, poor water filtration, trapped air, interventions that were not evenly dispersed or dissolved.


With the transparent pipe kit, debris getting past an ineffective filter can be observed, alerting producers to inspect the filtration system. During the production cycle when interventions are required, the transparent pipe kit allows for visual inspection inside the drinker line to confirm that the intervening materials are fully dissolved and evenly dispersed – which allows the producer to correct problems and improve the efficacy of the intervention.


The simple, easy-to-use water management tool is unique to Ziggity Systems and is compatible with any Ziggity Ace, Big Ace, Big Z or 1” PVC pipe system for all bird species and all bird applications – including floor and cage watering systems.


“A watering system is a key investment, and we urge producers to make use of this resource to be sure that investment is operating correctly for maximum performance,” according to the Ziggity technical team.


The transparent pipe kit can be installed directly out of the Ziggity regulator, directly into the Ziggity end assembly or any other location on the drinker line. They are available through authorized distributors of Ziggity products.