Ziggity News


Ziggity Systems, Inc., the maker of Ziggity Brand poultry watering systems has added a library of helpful support videos for poultry producers on the company’s website, Ziggity.com. The growing video library is one element in Ziggity’s ongoing effort to help poultry producers maximize the benefits of their watering systems.


Two videos offer installation demonstrations for Clip-On brackets that are used to affix the water bearing pipe to the support pipe.  One video shows installation of Clip-On brackets for Ace sized pipe while another video provides similar instructions for Big Ace/Big Z Clip-On brackets.


To view these videos and more, visit: https://ziggity.com/installation-videos/.

Another source of helpful information designed to help poultry producers maximize their performance can be found at the Poultry Watering U website at poultrywateringu.com.