Heads Up Drinking™ is the Key to Broiler Breeder Performance.

With lines managed at different heights for males and females, both genders can receive the water they need without spillage. The shielded drinker further reduces spillage by preventing males from using the lower female lines. For more info on the concepts involved, click here.

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Exclusive Ziggity technology for adult turkeys.

The extended Flex saddle allows T-Max drinkers to give as they tip and rotate, allowing adult turkeys 360 degree access to the water. The shock-absorbing stem prevents premature breakage and promotes system longevity.

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Get proven results from the most advanced watering system.

This advanced system combines the durability and strength of Ziggity’s Ace 22.30 mm O.D. .88 in.), black ABS pipe to deliver hygienic water to its twin-lock (TL) drinkers. The watering system is held in place by Aktive brackets that have no cavities, leaving bacteria and other contaminants fewer places to hide.

Ace Clip-On Brackets for quick and easy installation.

Ace Clip-On Brackets allow producers to access Ziggity Ace pipe technology at reduced costs. Both Ace system cost and installation time are significantly reduced without sacrificing system or bird performance.

Ziggity technology for young turkeys.

The extended Clip-on saddle allows greater space between the water line and D-Max drinkers, giving young turkeys easy, uninhibited access to the water reservoir.

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